Sensual Woman Perfume

Sensual Woman Perfume


Floral and spicy, this aroma is complex. It is soft and sweet with a warm, fruity base and a woody finish. The essential oil of Lavender give sensual woman that sweet and floral aroma while the chamomile is warming, heady and sweet. The Vanilla is soft and succulent while the sandalwood is woodsy, spicy and earthy. A simple but complex blend.

Since our perfume is natural it is subtle, not overpowering. You may reapply several times throughout the day to re-experience. The scent will develop as the day wears on and mingle with your own unique aroma, giving an incredibly personal experience for you and those you allow close to you.


Apply to pulse points as needed throughout the day


10 ml roll

Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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