Rose Lavender Hydrosol

Rose Lavender Hydrosol


An extremely versatile product, the Rose Lavender Hydrosol fulfills the need for beauty and relaxation while being functional and effective. A wonderful toner for all skin types, it soothes irritated skin and opens the pores to receive the full benefits of whatever moisturizer you use after. As a linen spray and room freshener, it creates a sacred space for sleep while the essential oils help you to relax. It can also be used in your hair to add body and moisture. Plus, it smells heavenly – soft, beautiful and gentle.


Spray on face after cleansing or throughout the day to hydrate skin. Spray in hair after styling to add body and moisture. Spray on pillows and linens prior to sleep to increase relaxation.


120 ml glass spray bottle

Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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