Hand to Heart Breast Oil

Hand to Heart Breast Oil


A creation that came out of a need to nurture and connect with our hearts through intention and massage.

Getting in touch with our female anatomy is as much of an esoteric journey as it is a physical one. The oils work in perfect harmony to create a rich connection 


Balance- Honouring bodily changes while maintaining integrity, insight, and vision. You are the balance point in your life. A wonderful ally for relieving sore and swollen breasts. 

Ylang Ylang

Mindful- Emotion is energy demanding attention with compassion. Let there be peace with every step. 

Pink Grapefruit

Optimistic- Positively remaining open with great appreciation for what you have. 


Support- Forward movement while finding your voice with life supporting balance. Holding space for your soul. 

St John's Wort

Soothing- Anchor in earth energies in the body for the sensitive being. Has been known to repair damage to the skin and nerves of the breast while providing relief from nerve and muscle pain and moving lymph.


Comfort | Compassion- An offering to the goddess of love, marriage, weaving, spinning, painting, and encouragement of the fine arts. It also has been used to keep breast tissues healthy and aids in removing scar tissue. 

Some other benefits may include:

Feeling awesome and connected to your womanhood. Gets lymph moving while helping the liver to gently process fluids to be discarded, increases circulation and relieves congestion. 


Apply a dropper full of oil to hands and massage breasts in a circular motion.

For an extra amazing experience:

Light some of your favorite candles, play soothing music, turn down the lights, take 3 deep breaths, carrying the breath to your lungs, feel the way the air moves through you. Start your massage. See if you receive any messages and journal about the experience. 


30 Ml 

Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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