Vaginal Steaming Consultation

Vaginal Steaming Consultation


a woman who knows herself is a powerful women indeed - Unknown

Each Vaginal steaming consultation includes a thorough intake form and recommendations for herbs, set-up, steam time. The assessment will also include cycle based recommendations on your needs and desired outcomes, womb opening yoga postures, meditations and additional resources for support. You can purchase your steaming herbs based on your individual recommendations here.

Steaming is medicine and through this process you will deepen your connection with your womb, your intuition and your inner medicine woman. Being as no two women are the same, your steaming journey will be profoundly individual. Each Steaming consultation is customized to suite your needs.

Thank you for doing this work, I bow to the beauty of your unfolding

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Vaginal steaming is a Holistic treatment that has stood the test of time. The ancient art of steaming has been practiced by women all over the world for centuries. The benefits of steaming are plenty and it is a simple and effective way to re-connect with our hearts, our wombs and our bodies in order to remember what true self-care looks like.

We know how to take care of ourselves, sometimes we just need to be reminded. This beautiful treatment can be practiced in the comfort of your own home. Steaming is a powerful practice and when combined with herbal allies can be a wonderful healing tool.

She Changes everything She touches and everything She touches, changes - Kore A chant by Starhawk


Some of the benefits include:

  • Decrease in PMS symptoms ( breast tenderness, cramping, back soreness )

  • Emotional balance and release

  • Cleaning the uterus

  • Shedding scar tissue

  • Relaxation

  • Deep sleep

  • Improved circulation

  • Increased fertility ( in all aspects including creativity)

  • Releasing of trauma

  • Skin beautification

  • Increased libido

  • Postpartum health