Steaming Herbs

Steaming Herbs


Prior to selecting a herbal steam kit, it is recommended to have a Vaginal Steaming Consultation to ensure the correct herbs, steam time and set up are used. Certain herbs are contraindicated depending on the menstrual health of each woman. Vaginal Steaming Consultations are available here


These herbs are safe for most users. These are the go to herbs for woman who have no contraindications for steaming. They clear out old residue, work great for postpartum and are wonderful for general use.


These herbs mean business. They are best at treating infections, disinfecting and inflammation.


These herbs are cooling and a little extra hydration. They are great for women who experience hot flashes, night sweats, or vaginal dryness.


These herbs are very gentle. They work well for women who have short menstrual cycles, irregular bleeding and adolescents

Each Steaming kit comes with one reusable muslin tea bag and 10 herbal uses ( the herbs can easily be reused a second time doubling the uses )

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