A few years ago I stopped wearing a bra regularly. I didn’t realize how absolutely fantastic my breasts would feel. It started with the incredible feeling of coming home from a long day, taking off my bra and slipping into my loose, comfy clothing. I discovered something important through this daily routine, my breasts LOVED to breathe and move. Before too long I became very uncomfortable wearing a traditional wire bra or even any bra. For those days where going braless isn't an option, I pull out my cotton or bamboo wireless bras as they seem to be less irritating. 

My lesson here is that, although I didn’t know it at the time, my body was intuitively telling me what she needed. I’m not suggesting that every woman throw out her bra but what I am suggesting is that every woman takes time to free her breasts, allowing space for them to move, dance and be touched each week. 

Although this post isn't all about bras, there are some important elements to consider about wearing one. We now know that wearing a bra can deter lymph from draining out of the breast. Tight fitting bras can restrict circulation and force the breast to work harder at draining fluids. The lymphatic system is highly concentrated in the armpit and chest area. This is why regular breast massage is an excellent resource to drain stagnant lymph and bring in fresh blood supply. It also feels so damn good to give the breasts some extra love. 

“You will also get to know your breasts better. Breast massage is a great preventative measure. If you are regularly massaging your breasts, you will know when something doesn’t feel right”.

Breast massage is also is an act of self–love and boob stewardship. It is one of the most nurturing ways we can worship our bodies. Giving loving touch to ourselves is a way we can connect with our womanhood, our sacredness, and our wild hearts. It helps relieve swollen, sore breasts, revitalize cell membranes and can introduce a new way of relating to our bodies. 

Without further adieu… The massage:

Things you will need:

An open mind

Blanket or Yoga Mat

Cozy Space


Hand to Heart Breast oil (coconut oil or calendula oil can be used as well)

Candles (Optional but highly recommended)

Music (Optional but highly recommended)

Before you begin your massage, dim the lights, light some candles and just feel yourself settling in.  Take a seat with your Hand to Heart, legs crossed with your spine straight and just breathe, allow your chest to expand and contract. You can breathe in for 2 counts and breathe out for 4 counts for a few minutes. This will help your nervous system to calm.  Once you have arrived in your body you can begin the massage. Place ½ a dropper of the oil in your hand and cup underneath your breast with the opposite hand, then gently squeeze and softly move the hand back and forth, softly kneading the breast towards the armpit as long as you are comfortable. Then move to the top of the breast, ever so kindly caressing the breast in the same way.  Once you’ve done underneath and above, gently circle the nipples with your fingertips. Lastly, massage in and around the armpit and repeat on the other side.

Take a moment to reflect on the experience, journal about it if you like and take note of any special messages you may have received.

Through this massage, you may also notice a juicy sensation in your Vagina. I’ve learned through working with a Yoni Egg practice, breast massage activates your kidney meridian, which is responsible for a woman’s sexual arousal. It also helps the vagina relax, open, and lubricate. Everything in our body is connected to something else. We are creating open communication between the heart and the womb and also learning to listen to our heart's desire while giving respect to the whole.

For more information on Hand to Heart breast Oil

Lisa Piluschak