Breast Love Project


The Breast Love Project is an endeavour to raise money for women healing from breast cancer while encouraging all women to touch and care for their own breasts. This project is inspired by women who have discovered abnormalities through the regular practice of breast massage. 


We will raise money for one woman in support of her journey with breast cancer. $5 from each online sale of the breast massage oil “Hand to Heart” will be collected and donated to them to use however they see fit. We wholeheartedly encourage these women to get their support systems, friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers involved.

We are all connected, so this is truly a global rising of humans supporting humans. 


The Why


In 2017 I participated in a year long apprenticeship learning wisdom based in many traditions around women’s health, self-care and sisterhood. During this time we shared in much to give thanks for. We nurtured and supported each other and are growing together still each day. Of the many things that blossomed for me during the apprenticeship, the practice of breast massage and the Hand to Heart breast massage oil are what lead to the the story I am about to share with you.

The Breast Love Project was created to help support one my dear friends Mandy , who also is a sister from the apprenticeship. I had gifted this oil to each of the sisters of the apprenticeship. A month later, Mandy contacted me to let me know that while using the oil to give herself a massage she found a lump. She was then diagnosed with Stage Four Breast Cancer. Since then, women using the oil have reached out to say that they had also found lumps through breast massage.

This is what this project was born out of. This projects aim is to support these women and spread the many benefits of touching and caring for our breasts. 

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the How


When a new participant is nominated, $5 from each online sale of the breast massage oil “Hand to Heart” will be collected and donated to them to use however they see fit.

Women can apply below or be nominated by someone to be the recipient of the donation and will be randomly selected. They’ll then be featured on the @adorninfusions instagram page for the duration of their 3 months. Recipients will also receive shareable content to help spread the word within their own support networks. All the money raised will be sent to them via PayPal.

Participants are welcome to share their journey with us if they choose using the hashtag #breastloveproject on Instagram, but it’s not required. 

Apply or Nominate

Please fill out this application to nominate yourself or someone you know to be a benefactor of this project.

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