Image by Isaac Peters Photography.

Image by Isaac Peters Photography.


Adorn Infusions is a Catalyst for Self Care. 

I feel like most skin care products are promoted for surface beauty and external effects, but I make adornments that permeate the subconscious. While my products do have many external benefits, what makes them different is my why. I want to make people feel better from the inside out. I create to invoke a sense of joy and peace within. To me, it’s all about self-care, ritual and anointing yourself with beautiful, sacred oils. I use the highest quality, organic, fair trade botanicals I can get my hands on, and each product is crafted with oils that serve a purpose or provide specific benefits. I make products for women, men and teenagers, and will soon be branching out to include babies and mommas. From facial, body and hair products to perfumes, colognes and beard oils, I basically make something for everybody.

I feel like creation in itself is a spiritual process: having a dream, followed by excitement, and finally taking action is a divine journey. Prior to creating a new product, I always feel a sense of excitement that could easily be mistaken for anxiety. It is the birth of something new; the calm before the storm. I sit with that anxious, excited feeling for as long as I can before the actual chemistry takes place. 

I am in my element while blending and mixing. As a small child I was already obsessed with making potions so this seems to be something that comes naturally for me. “A pinch of this and a dash of that” was my mantra back then. Now, I have gathered experience and knowledge through various modalities such as herbology, aromatherapy, and herbal pharmacy. I decide which ingredients to blend together by starting with a single ingredient, then asking the plant what it wants to share. From there I start pulling on my knowledge of other herbs, plants, and wisdom to procure the final potion. Only once a product is perfected will it hit the shelves. I have several tests and trials, which are mainly conducted on friends, family and myself for quite a while before I introduce a new product to the line.

I started Adorn because I feel like in my 30’s I am just beginning to have an understanding of how to take care of myself: my body, my mind, my soul. I made a choice to go from having a really chaotic, busy life to a slower paced, enjoyable life full of adventure, uncertainty and BIG love. I wanted to express that. I have many loves and have always wanted to create something incredible, beautiful and useful for people. It was my yearning to have a deeper connection with plants and the earth that started this endeavour - my fascination with how our internal bodies mimic the coral in the ocean, or how our lungs carry bronchioles that look like little trees. We have the very best of nature right inside us. It is so beautiful.

Aside from crafting things to help you live the best life you can, I love, love, LOVE meeting up with passionate people and exploring their talents and gifts. I also practice kundalini on the daily, take regular nature hikes, and do self-care treatments like massage, tea ceremonies and finding out my spirit animals… anything metaphysical, really. I enjoy exploring the human mind and all the things you can’t see. My favourite qualities about myself are my joy, my heart and my playfulness. My philosophy in life is “if you can dream it, do it” and I live by the values of kindness, laughter and generosity. Also, I sing everything, taking old songs and rewriting my own lyrics. Often hilarious, always spontaneous – just like life.