Image by Isaac Peters Photography.

Image by Isaac Peters Photography.


I am obsessed with becoming a Woman comfortable in My own Skin - Author Unknown 

Adorn Infusions was born out of a desire to share wisdom about herbal self care, women’s empowerment and deepening the bond to ourselves and our environment.  When women support women, we rise.

With a focus on sustainability, all of Adorn Infusions creations are made in small batches. We use a variety of ethically, organically, and when possible, locally sourced hydrosols, herbs, oils and essential oils. The line consists of specialty self-care adornments such as face and body oils, perfumes, colognes, bath and body care products such as breast massage oil.

Hi, My name is Lisa Dawn. I love food, sustainable fashion, tiny things, plants (of course) outdoor adventures and sharing wisdom from a life well lived. I am known for my ability to make swear words seem like they should be in the sentence :)

After years of experimenting with oils and botanicals I’ve come to realize that plants have and innate ability to help us and in my experience they do an exceptional job. I started Adorn infusions as a way to honour myself and my journey.  To Adorn myself with beautiful oils and scents is a beautiful way to practice self-love and I wish to share that experience with other women.

I am in my element while blending and mixing. As a small child I was already obsessed with making potions so this seems to be something that comes naturally for me. “A pinch of this and a dash of that” was my mantra back then. Now, I have gathered experience and knowledge through various modalities such as herbology, aromatherapy, and herbal pharmacy. I decide which ingredients to blend together by starting with a single ingredient, then asking the plant what it wants to share. From there I start pulling on my knowledge of other herbs, plants, and wisdom to procure the final potion. Then BAM, the magic has blossomed.

I have finally discovered how to take care of myself well into my 30’s. This has been a journey into the crevices of who I am and how I serve. My deep love and appreciation for the plant kingdom and how the plants are here to assist us. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Enjoy your Adornments.